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Hello world and Welcome!

1 Dec

Welcome to Consciousness Live on! This site is getting underway as yet another social media outlet for spiritual exploration and creative writing, so please make yourself at home. Consciousness Live is available here on WordPress and also has an active following on Facebook that consists of various pertinent articles, quotations, and images.

Blogs formerly located on a site ( have been exported to my site on Blogger (MindBlogger). Those posts consist of writing and conversations going back to 2010. The site on Multiply was changed to a selling site as of December 2012. You may also find references to writing shared as part of other forums such as Buddhist Travelers (another former Multiply site).  BT is another Facebook group where I share from time to time. There is another satellite site on Blogster and tweets can be found at the connected link (@Present23).

Additional publicized writings may be found online at OM Times Magazine (various issues) and Humanity Healing is a wonderful resource recommended for sharing the fun of exploring and serving in a spiritual way. Most posts are generated based on current impressions and experiences. I hope you find the subject matter and tone here positive and enjoy reading and sharing your own comments on what is written here. Your feedback is encouraged, especially if you feel moved by what you read.

I am grateful for your interest and presence here. Happy blogging!