If I Were Me

14 Nov

Thoughtful musings, indeed. I’m guessing autopilot is easier, and you know how we are about “easy.” ~ Thanks, Melanie ~ Blessings! 🙂

Hey Man, It Was A Piece of the Salmon

It’s no wonder, really, that advertisers and politicians (scum, the lot of ’em) resort to to telling lies etc., to get the attention of the masses. Most people are so wound up in their own little gig that the only way to get them to listen is some sort of grand gesture. The attention span is getting shorter and shorter too. Blogging has become a minority thing, not least because unless you do it pretty much daily, and then actively market it, you have no readership. Instead people all flocked to Facebook, didn’t they, for the short paragraphs. Then that was too much effort, so they all headed to Twitter to state their case in 140 characters or less, but when even that became too much work, they all moved to Instagram where two word responses are the norm.

Lazy communication. Is that due to lazy thinking, or vice versa?…

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