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Thank You, Coronavirus!

15 Mar

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By Kathy Custren


Nature Certainly Provides

This message will undoubtedly get buried among the rubble at the end of the epoch, but I must say it: I am very grateful to the coronavirus. Grateful, you may ask, with all the disruption and uncertainty it brings? Indeed. While I may be no less likely to survive than the next person, we are in the midst of a global pandemic that is causing significant change and upheaval. Any of us could be either pushing up or fertilizing daisies within days or weeks, so let us respond to the virus with gratitude for the wake-up call that it is, elementally speaking.

The Earth (thank you, Earth) could have been hit by an asteroid or some other more violent cataclysm, like the Ring of Fire breaking off to form another moon—and it may still encounter such a thing. By comparison, we saw this calamity coming incrementally. Like any good fire (thank you, Fire), it serves to clear away quite a lot of superfluous matter in its path. Just ask anyone who survived the devastating wildfires in recent times. Perhaps now, with these many little warning bells, we might pay better attention?

The collective voice of so many has gone unregistered for so very long that it is but a faint whisper against the roar of incredulity.

Rise Up, Shepherd Sheeple, and Follow

Ah, humanity…seen in so many ways, wearing the guise of many colors, actors all. What script are we living today? Is our story a drama or a comedy? Deep breath (thank you, Air)…either way, we are bound to laugh when things become so utterly absurd and there is little left that looks like it did moments ago. This year of 2020 is the year reality takes a detour. So far we have managed to evade the rumblings of what almost became third world war (Whew! Just avoided that one!) and next across the air from a carrier near you comes corona.

A couple months later and the #coronapocalypse has only just begun; however, the viral #panicbuying is in full swing. Which will be worse—the illness itself or the off-the-wall glut for more stuff and personal comfort? Everyone needs toilet paper when #SHTF, right? What we do moving forward from here can serve as humanity’s defining moments. Then again, to be fair, we have the same opportunity in any given moment to take the best course of action.

When air traffic stopped in the days after September 11, 2001, we had the looming spectre of Terrorism hanging over us. Our latest Sword of Damocles, this medical movement of almost-martial law, is here without that Capital-T threat. We like to think the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, these minute, viral particles are certainly here to teach us something impressive—and kicking some booty to boot.

But will we listen?

Will we take the lesson to heart?

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Those with little have a lot to lose. While those with a lot cannot bear to part with a little. Greed runs rampant. Entire economies are at risk, and the volatile markets rise and fall like waves (thank you, Water). Still, we who like to view humanity as truly human may not know quite what to make of just how surreal it all feels.

Can I get tested?

Are tests even available?

How much will it cost?

Do I really want to know?

What if I already have it?

Do I even believe the science?

Why deny the inevitable?

On one hand experts say numbers do not lie, while on the other hand they urge us all to proceed with caution and shut down for two weeks or more. Will we trust the numbers we see then? How much worse will it be? How many will survive this latest crisis as it circles our planet—and how many times over?

In matters of life and death, we might tend to take refuge in an extreme and feel good about it. Why not, when you’re with your peeps, all in the same boat? However, I am going to challenge you to think outside that comfortable box for a bit. Get uncomfortable enough to think about the folks who live rather uncomfortably 24/7…those who are not just inconvenienced by a mere temporary shortage or disruption of life’s necessities.

These are Life-Changing Times

For far too long, the numbers we admire have been shifting like so much sand underneath our feet. The infrastructure we rely on for so many of life’s pleasures is displacing itself…even it knows when to call it quits. Nature has a unique way of making new paths, and this is one of those times. –How about we choose to go a different path, shall we?

I am reminded of the Hopi Prophesy Rock image, where there are two paths forward: an earthly balance or what we might call a levitated realm of virtual reality. We are certainly at this juxtaposition. Dimensions of time being what they are, it stimulates my own curiosity to know there is so much more than this… there is always more.

‘May you live in interesting times,’ so goes an ancient Chinese ‘curse.’ Well, the dragon of karma certainly is making its way around quite interestingly, indeed. It is also said that we choose to be born into this existence. Somewhere back in our soul’s cosmology is our blueprint for being. We all picked a fun time to be alive, did we not? Grateful that we are all here #AloneTogether for the party. I couldn’t think of any better group to be with, honestly.

Let’s not let each other and our ancestors down. Be sure to give each other a hand, more out of genuine assistance than applause at the show. The days are sure to be entertaining and chock-full of goodness-knows-what. So, take time to breathe, hug your loved ones, pet our pets, and appreciate each moment. In the midst of chaos, each moment may be all we get to hold on to, so stay in the Now. Make each present moment a true gift for the next person, shall we?

The Gift of Ourselves

Share stories, sing songs, and dance…love got us here and love will see us through. ‘All You Need is Love,’ or so The Beatles remind us: ‘Love is all you need.’

As long as we are looking back to the late-1960s, we may as well remember these lyrics from Glen Campbell:

You got to try a little kindness

Yes show a little kindness

Just shine your light for everyone to see

And if you try a little kindness

Then you’ll overlook the blindness

Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets

Don’t walk around the down and out

Lend a helping hand instead of doubt

And the kindness that you show every day

Will help someone along their way