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25 Sep

It is September 24, 2017, and many people online today are taking various sides on the “take the knee” controversy. Alternatively known as “tebowing,” the action seems to take on its own flavor palette in the National Football League. Growing up in the Roman Catholic faith, taking a knee genuflecting has its own traditional and deeper meaning of submissive respect:

“In the old days, when you came in front of your social superiors, you were expected to genuflect: that is, bend your knee and bow submissively. You did it before kings and nobles, and everyone did it in church before God. [emphasis added] In our more egalitarian age, genuflecting has taken on a rather insincere and servile meaning.” –Vocabulary.com

One could add, ‘…unless you plan to make an effective marriage proposal, in which case it had better be sincere.’ –But I digress; there is more on Wikipedia if you want to look it up.

So, seeing someone ‘take a knee’ at any point has a much less controversial slant to it than much of what is out there to read today. In not fully standing for the ‘pledge’ by genuflecting, Colin Kaepernick took a ‘respectful stance’ in asserting his right to express himself. The difference between the actions of Kaepernick and Tebow is like night and day, in certain respects.

Had Kaepernick stood with a fist raised in defiance, as others have before, I could understand where his action might be misconstrued. [“Power to the people?”] In explaining why he knelt, I read his words to be just that—a personal reason for not participating in pledging allegiance to the flag. If someone feels that strongly against a pledge, prayer, or some other oath, they can find a suitable and respectful way through it.

The meaning of Kaepernick’s action in ‘taking a knee’ is being twisted throughout the media as a sign of disrespect. This is different than the reverence we saw for tebowing, and can only imagine the mixed message this sends to women whose husbands proposed marriage to them on bended knee. Do we consider genuflection a sign of respect, or does it depend on who is doing it?

The Making of a ‘Genuine’ ‘Genuflection’

People take up mantle of redefining what Kaepernick did, all in the guise of controlling the narrative to one of disrespect—for the pledge, the flag, the military and those who serve the country—rather than wade into the stated intent or the actual waters of racism and oppression which mire the lives of many people of color. Some may say there is little sport in that.

We find it expedient to support a national symbol or a pledge penned in 1892, than to deal with the real words and sentiment expressed in present-day 2017. It is this very side-stepping that fans the embers of the racism and oppression that continue to burn. To indicate a prayerful stance in the face of that oppression brings out a shared sense of indignity. The tragic disagreement is that so many of us fail to acknowledge the shadows of privilege and righteousness in which that indignation exists.


Snarky Tone of Gossip

28 Jan

Buddha - WordsA recent article containing a palpable, snarky tone of gossip prompted this entire look into something we might call ‘positive expression.’ Writing ethics are something to which not every author chooses to adhere. Being a writing aficionado, it is a mindful decision to share words in such a way that they are given proper use.

Words most often serve to inform, and if they carry other intent behind them, for fun or profit, it might be good to dig a little deeper. They may convey a particular message and bring the reader’s attention to a subject. Clearly, not every writer can be categorized as a ‘responsible’ one.

word prism FirthPutting words to paper is a form of creation. Scribing gives words life, bringing ideas into existence. As the person wielding the implement with some measure of skill, there is an element of propriety involved. Perhaps, authors have a moral obligation to create something that adds to our experience instead of rendering an abysmal effort not worthy of garnering attention.

Does that sound harsh? Certainly, writing may be considered by many to be a harmless activity. People write things down all the time, whether the words are read or not. We can always choose not to read ‘drivel.’ It is very empowering to be able to express one’s voice in written words. From words of praise to grumbling complaint, the way we utilize the written word has a lasting effect on anyone who intercepts them.

Having an opinion is each person’s prerogative. Communicating one’s opinion is something that can be labeled a mindful action. Is the opinion we seek to convey something that will help or harm? Is it true or a lie?

truth slapIs it okay to “suppose” or otherwise leave hints, or (as some might describe) artfully bend the truth to suit some purpose? There can be a fine line separating exposition and propaganda.

Like any form of energy, negative writing changes and lowers the tone of our vibration. It darkens the very atmosphere in which we live. The greater the readership the more widespread that change or infection can cover.

This can classify communications containing gossip and innuendo as malicious and harmful to our existence. We may not consider that such words have a major impact. Is it okay to hold this sort of idle chatter in our own head? What kind of an effect might that have on the way our ideas or other mental processes take place? Consider how it affects our heart, the very core of our being.

The bottom line is that putting those negative thoughts out into the world for others to experience does nothing to further our humanity. In fact, we might wonder what retards our interactions with others or why they take such a negative turn. We can be doing so much to further ourselves, if it were not for the time and energy wasted on words that do not move us forward.

Words forgivenWith all that said, could doing mindful writing bring us to a better place? Could something as simple as effective, positive writing help to turn things around? Can peace be spread by the use of words that help, heal, and raise our vibration instead?
It certainly opens up the world of possibility. As a writer and blogger for the past few years, there is much to be said for the purpose and intent of putting words together with fidelity and in an ethical manner. While not every person takes the Hippocratic Oath, we can appreciate and mindfully choose to do no harm.

Why not put the words in our blogs and messages to good use?

Namaste ~ Blessings!