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Natural Remedies for You?

3 Nov
selective focus photography of person touching green leafed plant

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Natural Remedies for You?

By Kathy Custren


Nature Holds the Key to Wellness

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? For many of us, it takes this type of an extreme stance to start looking at wellness options. Perhaps our journey consists of seeing various doctors or taking a variety of medications to help gain a healthier body balance for what ails us. Beyond anything we may attempt with help of experts, one of the easier connections we may make on our own is to dive into nature.

How does someone know if a natural remedy will work? True enough, or we might say ‘naturally,’ there are many options when it comes to natural remedies. Each key to wellness comes with its own measure of efficacy. This may sound vague compared to ‘take this pill for two weeks and check back.’ However, the concept is quite the same; in fact, natural or easy remedies may be our first instinct when imbalance or illness first occurs.

It may be our first inclination to find home-based remedies or cures that come from other family members. If something works for one family member, it may also be effective for another. Sometimes, we also just need to be reminded that our human body itself operates in mysterious ways. Trying to wrap our brain around a mystery can be what sends many people to experts seeking quicker answers or faster results.


Making and Taking Time for Healthy Balance

Like many modern humans, most of us drive and thrive on action, movement, and even accomplishment and competition. This onus to ‘keep going no matter what’ on the good side encourages us to give 110 percent to a project or goal. On the other hand, it also leaves us very little time when it comes to finding balance for our health.

Too many of us sacrifice rest or relaxation in our efforts to living a balanced and truly healthy life. Few of us look at our daily schedule with a novice’s eyes. We tend to cram in more into our schedule; on the go more hours of the day than not. We stress over large and small things alike without much care to the side effects. Yet, we know to look for side effects when medication we take is not helping, right? We are quite capable of telling when something just does not feel right.

What kind of natural remedies should one look for? It is obvious to state that we need to look for natural remedies that help us feel good or better than we do now. This can be especially true when one’s individual or family funds are low, and this is a process that takes time. Even people dealing with serious illnesses can find a natural remedy to help relieve some of the dis-ease that affects them. Some easy examples are:

Breathing – Yes, taking time for deep breathing alone can work wonders. Giving your body added boosts of oxygen can be calming in and of itself. Taking a few minutes to breathe mindfully can make a big difference. Give yourself the break to step away from stress just to breathe for a few minutes. Try it for a day or two as a natural remedy and see if you notice that you feel better. How often might we do this?

If someone is in a lot of pain, their physician may prescribe pain reliever to take throughout the day, every few hours. Depending on what causes the pain, the body may build up a tolerance to the medication. Someone who might try mindful breathing could take breaks a few times a day, without much disruption in what they normally do. Deep, mindful breathing is not a placebo for pain medication, but it can help us take a few moments to check in with our body and address the issue rather than gloss it over.

Walking, Indoors – Beyond breathing, taking a brief indoor walk can get our blood flowing. Being able to move and walk is something we can start with being thankful for—being mobile is often preferable to being immobile, as many people are. So, if you do not find reason enough to move for yourself, think of those who cannot and walk for them.

Just like mindful breathing, mindful indoor walking does not have to be lengthy or onerous. If you are at work, take a brief exploration. If you are home bound, check from one room to the next. Just a couple of minutes up and about can keep your body from feeling stuck. If you appreciate this aspect alone, it can translate into other areas of our life, so we might want to do this on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

Walking, Outdoors – Another good option for taking a break is to take a walk outside to truly connect with the natural world. Go find some grass, a bush, or a tree to touch. Feel the green or growing thing that exists outside, which we often just walk past without much thought. Connect with the local flora around where you live or work.

This does not have to take a lot of time, either. Footwear does help, but depending on the time of year, it is not a requirement. Connecting with nature does not have to be painful, so think about comforts you can bring with you outside, for yourself or other creatures. Bring along a crust of bread that you can break apart for the birds or a handful of nuts or seeds for squirrels. A simple walk around the building or a walk around the block can be a worthy natural remedy.

Frequency for walking outdoors may depend on many things but try not to let the weather stop you. If we find ways to truly enjoy being outside even during inclement weather, it helps us see that we can weather a storm. We can still make our way when the weather is rainy or otherwise cold and brutal. Being prepared with the right gear helps us tolerate whatever nature brings our way.


A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way

Some of this comes with heavy dose of common sense, naturally. This is a big factor in finding wellness and natural remedies. We might get used to enjoying a nice walk outside and not have the gear. Knowing this, we can plan to find ways to “survive.” We cannot take safety for granted, so finding alternatives and planning ahead gives us an empowering way to exist.

Perhaps, if we have a wide enough net of friends, our search for support (whether it is for a listening ear or a spare umbrella) can bring us an easier answer. Allowing others to lend us a hand can also be a natural remedy or can open the door to finding other alternatives and suggestions to consider. ~ Blessings!