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21 May

My Intemperate Blog

in memorium

Last night, I read yet another report on a blogger being killed. This time it was a man, Evany Jose Metzker, from Brazil who was decapitated for speaking out about political corruption. It stood as a stark reminder of the benefits of living in a free society. The other day, I posted about political correctness and the freedom of speech. This is the flip side of that coin, and it’s disgusting.

Metzker, most recently, had been looking into the operation of a child prostitution organization and posted on his blog Coruja Do Vale. He knew the risks and was aware of the dangers Brazilian bloggers and journalists face. Murder is common. CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) Research is on record as saying that 14 journalists have been murdered since 2011. During his career, he’s tackled subjects involving government leaders and politicians. Men and women, like Metzker, must be admired…

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